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Little Things Mean a Lot

Life is seldom about big things; things like a legislator who fights for a bill that will change the course of society; things like an entrepreneur who becomes an overnight success and employs hundreds of workers. No, most of life is routine and mundane. However, it is the routine and mundane where we do little things that in the long run make a big difference.

There are various ways little things can be put into practice. One example is faithfulness. Jesus said, “He who is faithful in little, will be faithful in much”. You can be faithful in doing little tasks at work, then given greater responsibility as a result of that faithfulness.

Another example is doing little things to help people. How do we know those little acts of service make a big impact? Ask single parents who someone takes their children for a few hours to give them alone time. Ask the elderly neighbor regarding caring people who look in on them now and again. Ask the person who needs prayer and you stop to pray for them right then and there. It may seem like a little thing to you, but I can tell you from personal experience when you are the recipient of that “little thing” it does mean a lot. Jesus said even a cup of cold water will not go unrewarded.

I have heard that for many homeless people, the main issue for them is not that they have a job and a place to live permanently, as absolutely critical as that need is. The main issue for them is that when people pass them on the street, they are acknowledged with a smile and a hello; essentially recognizing their humanity. How hard is that to do?

A third example is starting something like a new business or a ministry. There is a scripture that says “do not despise the day of small beginnings.” With rare exception things begin small, but remember the smallness isn’t insignificant. It is part of a larger fabric that is being woven together to make a beautiful tapestry.

What if every day we committed ourselves to faithfulness in tasks presented to us? What if every day we did one small thing to start that business venture or ministry? What if every day we were committed to doing one simple act of love or service? Imagine the possibilities if millions of people took that challenge. Yes, my friends a movement like that could actually be big.


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