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#Me Too, a cause everyone should support

When the #Me Too movement began, I was excited because as a committed Christian, I saw it as God exposing an evil in our society. For any woman to be subjugated to sexual harassment or gender discrimination goes against everything that my faith teaches. As an example, 1 Timothy 5:2, “Treat the older women as you would your own mother, and treat younger women with all purity as your own sisters.” If men everywhere treated women like their mother and sister, then this rampant sexual misconduct would never occur.

Many experts claim that this isn’t about sex, but more about power. For the most part I believe they are right. People harass when they want to show superiority or feel threatened. In some cases the abuser may feel entitled. You know how that goes. He might say or at least think, “Since I am in charge and have these urges, then I am entitled to act on those urges because after all I should get what I want”.

Jesus also talked about power. He said that people in the world lord their power over others. He went on to say our behavior should be just the opposite: humility, service, and love.

In the past several months we have seen powerful men in the entertainment industry, politics, and business be exposed for their highly inappropriate and sometimes criminal behavior. This ultimately is a good thing, because society needs to change and we believers should be in the forefront of this change.

Throughout history Christians have been on the cutting edge of getting rid of societal ills such as slavery and child labor. Unfortunately some people of faith have often justified this behavior as being somehow Biblical.

Just because many people who in the #Me too movement hold very questionable views on other things we find repugnant, shouldn’t cause us to minimize the horrible behavior women have endured. If we also speak out, then that increases our credibility regarding other issues near and dear to our hearts.

As a man and a committed Christian, I say to all rise up; speak for the powerless, whether the unborn child, the homeless, and for harassed women. Let the powerless know they have advocates who care about them and won’t stand anymore for pain and injustice. I say, Me Too brothers and sisters; Me Too.

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