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Objectivity regarding President Trump

I fully understand why people voted for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or someone else. I don’t have a problem with that, particularly if someone says, “I didn’t like any of the candidates, but believe who I voted for is the best option available.”

The problem I have is when someone does something you know to be wrong, we justify the behavior simply because we voted for that person. I voted for George W. Bush, but believe that the Iraq war was wrong. On the flip side, I did not vote for Barack Obama, but believe the actions he took during The Great Recession saved our country from going into depression. I give you these two examples, because I am looking at things objectively.

This brings me to Donald Trump. Since running for office I have noted numerous things that he has said or done that are completely wrong and even unconscionable. My concern is fellow evangelical Christians have not seen it for what it is, but rather have justified his behavior simply because they voted for him. This grieves me to no end, because it makes us look foolish, ignorant, and even ungodly.

In his campaign for president he insulted John McCain on being a POW; called his Republican rivals, including spouses, vile names; attacked women’s physical looks; and promoted violence in his rallies and Tweets. All of those actions are totally incompatible with Christian values.

Since becoming president he has been on tirades against anybody who criticizes him; immaturity in a politician like I have never seen. Based on comments said by Mr. Trump, I have concluded that he is more interested in winning, rather than finding a way to work together.

I follow political goings on very closely and my concern is evangelical Christians are being deceived and not realizing just how wrong our President is regarding his comments and behavior. We are rapidly losing our moral authority by believing that there is fake news and that President Trump is just misunderstood.

We should continue to pray for him and our country as I continuously do, but never and I mean never should we justify things that are clearly contrary to our faith.

In the Emperor Wore New Clothes, nobody was willing to say he was walking around in his underwear, until one little boy noticed and said something. Today I am speaking out to say our Emperor (president) is walking around in tattered rags. I pray that my fellow Evangelicals will wake up, see the truth, and not be hoodwinked anymore.

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